Daily rentals

Profitability, security and tranquility, is what we offer in the management of your property with tourist license for a very competitive rate. Reservation optimization and professional management for maximum profit.


After more than 30 years in the real estate sector in Barcelona we can offer you the necessary advice to rent your home without inconveniences. We understand that the tranquility and profitability are the crucial factors when it comes to leasing and for that reason we put all our efforts in the adequate selection of the potential clients as well as to maximize the rent to be charged for their property. 


The advice of an expert is highly recommended when it comes to selling a property. In TopCity we have been dedicating more than 30 years in the purchase of apartments and premises with excellent results.
We would like to advise you on the best commercial strategies to spread your offer and ensure that the sale of your flat or premises is quick and profitable. Our client portfolio will be at your disposal for the correct commercialization.